Why We Scrapbook

Our Weekly Challenge this week is one of my favorites … scrapping about WHY we scrapbook! Because everyone has their own individual reasons for scrapping & I love ALL of the pages in the gallery this week, I decided that instead of choosing just one Layout of the Week, I would share all of the […]

Time for a Little Reality Check

If you didn’t catch Ali Edwards’ post yesterday about “getting real,” I encourage you to check it out. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me … If you’ve been hanging out me with for the past five months (yes, it’s already been five months!), you’ve probably noticed a recurring theme in my […]

Worth Every Moment

I’m always curious to hear the “why” behind why others have chosen to practice the art of scrapbooking. So when I received the following email in response to this post, I asked the author, Annette, if it would be okay if I shared her story with you, as well. I was thrilled when she accepted. […]