Tips for Slowing Down & Enjoying the Season

Here in Australia it’s the middle of winter, though you wouldn’t know it with the sunny Perth weather lately. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking through our plans for the rest of the year and how I can really enjoy the season I’m in. At this time of year it can be easy for me […]

Congrats to Our Newest Challenge Team Members

Please help me offer a warm welcome to the Log Your Memory Challenge Team for the second half of 2011! Sticking around for a second six-month term with Team Leader Alyson Hall are Paula Moore (Paula), Kate Lewis (knlchevys), Sarah Brown (sarahbhb) and Rachel McPeek (teachermom). Joining these fantastic ladies are Trish Harden (mommatrish), Jamie […]

Journaling Picks Up Where the Photo Leaves Off

A photo may be worth a thousand words, but does it tell the whole story of your everyday, real life? Explore the importance of using journaling to tell the rest of the story, including five tips to help you do just that…

One Last Look at 2010

Before we bid 2010 a fond farewell, a look back at a few of the more memorable highlights at Log Your Memory…

Tuesday Tips: How to Make Journaling Easier

JOURNALING … the word alone strikes fear in many scrapbookers. Let’s change that, okay?