Time to Get Organized

Today we bring you our final installment in our month-long Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed doing these challenges as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you… To recap, this month we’ve tackled lists, ABC, conversations, fairy tales, compare & contrast, show & tell, letter, interview, stream of consciousness, by the numbers, […]

Could You Repeat That, Please?

We’ve nearly reached the end of February and that means we have just a couple more installments of our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. Today we’ll play around with a little technique that I think you’ll want to repeat once you get the hang of it… Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #13 They say there’s no sense […]

Give Them the Inside Scoop

Our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge continues today with a journaling method that can really help you tell the behind-the-scenes details of the stories you scrapbook. Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #12 Your challenge today is to tell your story through play-by-play commentary. On the surface, this is simply telling the story of what is happening in […]

It All Points to This

Today marks the beginning of the last scheduled week in our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. When I started this series, I made a deal with myself … I would play along with the challenges and make sure that I wasn’t asking anyone to do something I couldn’t do myself in order to earn our special […]

It All Adds Up

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered putting together our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge, it’s how much fun it is to see how many different ways scrapbookers can interpret and use each one of the 14 journaling methods presented. So far we’ve tackled nine different types of journaling … 1. lists, 2. ABC, 3. conversational, 4. […]

Just Ask

It was a busy weekend for our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge, with several new layouts added to our challenge gallery in the past few days. We’ve now officially passed the half-way mark in our quest to complete 14 challenges & earn the special prize that comes with it. So far, we’ve told our stories using […]

Write a Little Letter

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend … the perfect time to share your love for scrapping through the Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge! Now that we’ve covered lists, ABCs, conversations, fairy tales, compare/contrast and show & tell journaling, we’re going to try an approach using a skill learned long ago, but sometimes forgotten in today’s age of cell […]

Time for a Little Show & Tell

We’re approaching the half-way mark in our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge and our challenge gallery is just bursting with fantastic examples of scrapbook journaling methods in action! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check it out … it will definitely inspire you to jump in and join in the fun. We’ve tackled […]

Two Sides to the Story

Our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge moves right along today with yet another method of journaling to test out on your scrapbook pages. If you haven’t completed the first four challenges yet – creating a list, using the ABCs, sharing a conversation and incorporating a fairy tale – don’t worry. You have until March 3rd to […]

Once Upon a Scrapbook

Once upon a time, there was a month full of opportunities to brush up on scrapbook journaling known as the Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge. Scrapbookers came from far and wide to try their hand at telling their stories, first using lists, then attempting the alphabet, later sharing conversations, until finally, one day, the perfect solution […]