Now Available! Scrap Your Real Life

The time has come! Scrap Your Real Life: Journaling Prompts, Project Ideas, Inspirational Layouts & More To Help You Scrapbook Your Real Life Stories is now available for sale in the Log Your Memory Shop!           Just a few of the many reasons to check out our new book… More than […]

Rare Chance to Pick Up a HUGE Scrapbooking Book Bundle

Spring is in the air … time to celebrate with a very special offer we’ve never made before! For a short time, you can get nearly every download ever offered at Log Your Memory … a collection with a retail value of $166.45 … for the rock-bottom price of just $49.95. This huge 500+ MB […]

Life’s Moments Are Precious… Scrapbooked or Not

During the month of December, when we are all scrambling to buy gifts and decorate the house between concerts, parties and get-togethers, it can be easy to overlook the “everyday” moments. I’ve been working on my December Daily and looking back… I love the everyday pages and photos just as much as the event ones. […]

Documenting the Roles You Play

What role or roles do you play in your daily life?? Most of us have more than one role we play in our lives. I know my greatest role is being a mom. It is a neverending job that is so full of obstacles and challenges, but it is just SO rewarding. If this was […]

What a Difference a Year Makes

The roles in my life have changed drastically over the last year. I went from working full-time as a teacher to being a stay-at-home mom. I’m still working to find balance in the third month of the new school year. (Yes I still measure the year by the school calendar, even though I’m not teaching […]

What Did YOU Want To Be When You Grew Up?

I’ve always had dreams of what I’d be when I grew up. I dreamed of being an author, artist, of leaving my mark on the world. I remember in primary school talking to my friend about how I was concerned that I should achieve something “great” in my life so people would remember me after […]

Documenting the Processes That Fill Our Days

This week’s challenge has made me think about HOW I go about doing things on a daily basis. There are so many things that happen during a typical day that require a process to complete. In the process of brainstorming for this blog post, I debated writing about how I create my typical scrapbook page, […]

On tap this Labor Day weekend…

Try to get closer to finishing what I started…   Make some tough choices…   Finalize next year’s Weekly Challenges…   And spend some time with these little people in the absence of the hunting fanatics in the family…   How about you? What’s on tap for your holiday weekend?

Good news for scrapbooking team members!

Just a quick note to let my LYM friends know that Scrap Assistant finally launched today! As you may recall, Scrap Assistant is a site I started toying with over a year ago in response to a survey here at LYM in which I learned that many, many of you are members of multiple scrapbooking […]

Conquer Fear With a Little Creativity

Is there something you’d like to try… but you don’t because of fear? Perhaps it’s fear of looking silly or feeling stupid or not knowing how… or simply just fear of failure. You might be surprised to find out that I am very much an introverted hermit at heart. Without some kind of external motivation […]