Inspired … to Make a Few Changes

I’m glad to hear there are lots of you who are enjoying this challenge series, because I’ve really enjoyed putting it together and sharing it each week with you. In response to the suggestions and comments, I’m going to make a few changes to better accommodate those who would like to participate.

Inspired by Mommies & Magazines!

Magazines are chock-full of opportunities for scrapbooking inspiration, from the typography and layout design to the cover, color schemes and content. For that reason, today we will focus on just one part of a magazine as our source of “real life” inspiration, with other parts to be included in future challenges. Your challenge this week is to create a scrapbook layout inspired by a magazine advertisement.

Inspired by the Big Screen

Congratulations to Tanya (tbaker8506), winner of the Inspired by Real Life Scrapbook Challenge #2! If you’re wondering what this challenge series is all about, check out this post. Ready for another source of everyday inspiration? Let’s get started… With thousands of new movies produced every year in just about every genre imaginable, the Box Office […]

Two Sides to the Story

Our Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge moves right along today with yet another method of journaling to test out on your scrapbook pages. If you haven’t completed the first four challenges yet – creating a list, using the ABCs, sharing a conversation and incorporating a fairy tale – don’t worry. You have until March 3rd to […]