So… Have You Scrapbooked YOUR “People”?

Sometimes we are involved with people each day but we don’t think to scrapbook them. This week’s challenge is to photograph your people.  It could be people that you meet each week at the grocery store, your mail carrier, a crossing guard. I chose to scrapbook people I worked with each Sunday at church.  However, […]

Journaling Picks Up Where the Photo Leaves Off

A photo may be worth a thousand words, but does it tell the whole story of your everyday, real life? Explore the importance of using journaling to tell the rest of the story, including five tips to help you do just that…

Scrapping About Holiday Stress

Holidays can be full of happiness and joy … and that’s the part we tend to share most often in our scrapbook pages. But holiday time also tends to bring with it a fair amount of stress, whether it be for financial reasons, overloaded schedules, or as in the case of our Layout of the Week, that self-imposed pressure to meet our own expectations.

Documenting Those That Make a Difference

Doing for others … and having things done for you … plays a very meaningful role in the lives of many of, making it a great source of stories just waiting to be shared via your scrapbook or journal.

{interactive} Story Board~ 09.01.2010

Time again to let YOU share your favorite real life layouts with ME … and everyone else who reads our blog!

A Special Gift Remembered

It’s Been a {Crazy Week}!

Story Board~11.4

Hello Monday

Thanks for making it SPOOKtacular!