When All Else Fails, Journal

Ever faced a situation that left you simply unable to scrapbook? Something that knocked the wind out of your sails and threatened everything that matters most to you? What did you do? Check out how April Calendar Girl Alisa Schenck is dealing with just such a situation right now … My “real life” scrapbooking has […]

I Should Probably Scrap This, Too!

My word for the year, my constant struggle, the thing which, when lacking, seems to cause otherwise wonderful projects to come crashing down around me because of burnout, fatigue and eventually even boredom. Balance. Or more specifically, the lack thereof. My scrapbooking is not immune to this struggle, particularly in my quest to tell life […]

10 Reasons NOT to Scrap the Negative

You want the world (and possibly yourself) to believe you’ve led a “perfect” life. You prefer fairy tales and happily-ever-after to comedy, suspense & drama. You have aspirations of being the next June Cleaver. You secretly think the “real” you is just too boring. You’re hoping you can rewrite history by scrapping just the highlights. […]

In Search of Balance