Love-Hate Relationship… Documented!

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #22… Extended I was thrilled with this prompt, as I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my writing growing up. On the one hand I loved being a left-hander; on the other, I hated being told off for too heavy pen pressure, messy numerals, the extra challenge of constantly smudging my […]

Keeping Track of Those Everyday Details

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #20… Extended So as I write this post, I actually have my pink blackberry next to me and I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my Playbook. Thanks to Pinterest, I have seen a wealth of ideas for family/household binders. The idea really appealed but I did not want a paper-based […]

Documenting the Daily Internet Habit

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #19… Extended To say that I’m addicted to the internet would be an understatement.  Everyday I’m at my computer multiple times a day checking my emails, looking up something on Amazon, checking out the scrapping forums, reviewing our daily schedule on Cozi, and catching up with friends on Facebook. It really […]

Capturing a Constant Companion… My Cell Phone

The following content supports our Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges: Time Capsule edition. As a special Spring feature, this week only, we are sharing our Time Capsule posts with ALL visitors to the site. Next week we will resume our usual format, with most Time Capsule posts accessible to Time Capsule book owners only. If […]

Sharing the Story of My “Home” Job

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #17… Extended I do actually work part-time but I also have a “home” job.  I decided to do the home job, although I would like to do a page on my “proper” job sometime. My desk is where I spend most evenings, which is when I do a lot of the […]

Capturing the Lighter Side of Being a Mom

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #16… Extended When I started thinking about how to go about scrapping my job, my biggest struggle was choosing which job! I do work outside of the home part-time as a receptionist for a real estate company, but I consider that my break! You see, I am also a stay-at-home mom […]

Scrapping Your Workplace

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #15… Extended Once I took a look at this challenge, I knew pretty much right away what I wanted to do.  I had taken my camera to work with me several days for the Week In The Life project that I had been doing, so this was a good opportunity to […]

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #13

Personal Connections: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #13 Time Capsule Ideas: * social calendar * church bulletin * group schedule * meeting minutes * team roster     A closer look at the journaling… “In some ways, summer seems to stretch on forever… at least until the school year starts up again!  It is amazing how many activities […]

Showcasing a Sweet Letter+Childhood Handwriting

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #12… Extended This challenge instantly made me think of my son.  He has a habit of writing love letters and I believe handwritten communication is a lost art.  For my son it is the only means of communication at this point in his young life because he doesn’t have an email […]

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #12

Personal Connections: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #12 Time Capsule Ideas: * letters * greeting cards * notes * messages on a chalkboard or memo board     Get those creative juices flowing… *  Do you send handwritten thank you notes or birthday cards? *  Does a written note mean something different to you than the same message […]