Saved From Shopping

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #40… Extended You know, when I was younger and single, I loved to shop… especially for fun stuff like shoes!! Now I am older, married, and a mother… most of my shopping trips are limited to grocery, dry cleaning, household items, diapers and other kid supplies. I don’t know where the […]

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #40

Shopping: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #40 Time Capsule Ideas: * shopping list * errand list * community map * local business directory * local phone book   Get those creative juices flowing… * Do you plan your purchases before buying or are you more of an impulse shopper? *  How much time do you spend running errands […]

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #31

Foods: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #31 Time Capsule Ideas: * TV tray * dining room table * car (if you eat there) * picnic table * placemats or tablecloths * paper plates   Get those creative juices flowing… * Where do you typically eat your meals? *  Is your dining room or table used for something other […]

Documenting the Daily Internet Habit

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #19… Extended To say that I’m addicted to the internet would be an understatement.  Everyday I’m at my computer multiple times a day checking my emails, looking up something on Amazon, checking out the scrapping forums, reviewing our daily schedule on Cozi, and catching up with friends on Facebook. It really […]

Story Board~ 01.12.2011

If capturing everyday real life memories through story-based scrapbooking is your passion, our weekly Story Board was created especially for you! Check out these favorites brought to us today by Challenge Team Member Rebecca Kuchenbecker, with her thoughts on why she wanted to share them with us…

Take Time to Stop & Scrap the Little Stuff

In the hustle and bustle of your everyday, when’s the last time you stopped and documented those little things that make up your real life? September Calendar Girl Rebecca Kuchenbecker reflects on her own efforts to scrap those important everyday memories.

Q&A with Rebecca