My ID Cards vs. the “Real” Me

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #9… Extended My layout was chosen to represent the Personal Style Challenge of the Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges: Time Capsule book. When I first read the challenge, I really was challenged… What was my personal style? What defines me? Then whilst rummaging through my handbag looking for something, I came […]

So Much to Love About Real Life Scrapbooking

December Calendar Girl Alyson Hall reflects on why she loves “real life” scrapbooking…

Countdown: One Word for 2010

Real Life: Do What You Love

Journaling can be a bit intimidating for some scrapbookers, but it’s practically a requirement of real life scrapbooking. While some photos can indeed be “worth a thousand words,” there is generally more to the story than meets the eye … a story that requires at least a handful of {words}. That was the case when […]