Showcasing a Sweet Letter+Childhood Handwriting

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #12… Extended This challenge instantly made me think of my son.  He has a habit of writing love letters and I believe handwritten communication is a lost art.  For my son it is the only means of communication at this point in his young life because he doesn’t have an email […]

Scrapping the “Perfect” Marriage

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #11… Extended As a child, I always thought that my parents had THE perfect marriage. They were so different…very different personalities and separate interests…and yet, they were so in tune with each other and affectionate. If they had arguments, it was behind closed doors and my siblings and I never had […]

Letting “Home” Take Center Stage

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #10… Extended I have always wanted to do a page (even an album) of where we live today – not more on the house itself since we are renting and have yet to own our own home but of the town we live in. As I’ve said in my page, moving […]