Meet the 2012 Design Team: Patti Hamil

Get to know Patti Hamil… Your Name: Patti Hamil Where you live: Dawsonville, GA, USA Your most commonly used username in the scrapbooking word: phamil Blog URL: Facebook ID: Patti Smith Hamil Please tell us a little about yourself, your family, your background … I am married to a very supportive man, have 3 […]

Capturing a New Approach to Spending

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #41… Extended When I first saw this challenge, I had to really think about what I wanted to do. For me and our family, shopping has changed dramatically in the last ten years. We never had “plenty” of money, but we always got by and didn’t have to scrimp. Well, my […]

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #41

Shopping: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #41 Time Capsule Ideas: * store advertisement or  promotional insert * product coupon * sale flyer or signage * price tags * rain check   A closer look at the journaling… “I’m not a person who likes a lot of changes in my life. I like a routine, familiarity… jeans and an […]