Some Memories Are Simply Poetic

Slogans, jingles, favorite poems or stories … all were fair game for this week’s Weekly Challenge.

The Joke’s On You!

Have you ever asked yourself … “What was I thinking?” If you’ve been following along with the Memory Logbook Weekly Challenge series, you not only asked yourself that question recently, but you scrapped it too!

A Home Worth Scrapping About

After spending Monday’s Weekly Challenge chat talking about homes and then yesterday’s post following up with that conversation, I found it nearly impossible to choose just one Layout of the Week for Weekly Challenge #33.

A Page for All Seasons

The change of the seasons has been on our minds a lot lately, for more reasons than one. Personally, our Central Montana weather changes by the hour right now, so if you were to ask me what season we’re in, the answer could vary widely from one moment to the next. Seasons have also been […]