Time to Celebrate Mommies!

Happy Mother’s Day!! What better way to celebrate motherhood than by announcing the winners of our first Log Your Memory Mommy Contest! If you took a peek at the nominations for this special honor, you’ll understand why it was nearly impossible to choose just ONE winner.

Inspired by Mommies & Magazines!

Magazines are chock-full of opportunities for scrapbooking inspiration, from the typography and layout design to the cover, color schemes and content. For that reason, today we will focus on just one part of a magazine as our source of “real life” inspiration, with other parts to be included in future challenges. Your challenge this week is to create a scrapbook layout inspired by a magazine advertisement.

Meet our Mommy Contest Nominees

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and that means we are getting very near announcing our winning Log Your Memory Mommy! If you’re in the mood to read about some extremely selfless, loving, and dedicated mamas, get comfortable and check out our first batch of nomination stories. I’ll warn you … they are […]

Oh Baby, That’s a Lot of Goodies!

Happy National/International Scrapbooking Day!! In honor of the occasion, today seemed the perfect day to reveal all of the scrapbooking goodies that will soon belong to one special mommy or mommy-to-be and the person who nominates her as part of our Log Your Memory Mommy Contest! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to […]

Tutorial for the Busy New Mama

Have you ever wished for something you just couldn’t find? Had a vision of that certain something that would make things just the way you wanted them or help you do exactly what you wanted to do?

The Mommy Search Continues

The Log Your Memory Mommy Contest is well underway and it warms my heart to read the nominations for some very special mommies that have found their way to my inbox. But there’s still room for more … and the sponsor & prize list just keeps growing! At last count, our combined prize packages totaled […]

Wanted: One Very Special Mommy

Know an extra special mommy with a child under the age of one year? Or perhaps a mommy-to-be anxiously awaiting the arrival of her little bundle of joy? Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Log Your Memory is gearing up to make the day extra special for one lucky mommy, plus the friend […]