Meet the 2012 Design Team: Melissa Shanhun

Get to know Melissa Shanhun… Your Name: Melissa Shanhun Where you live: Perth, Western Australia, Australia Your most commonly used username in the scrapbooking word: mshanhun Blog URL: Your Twitter ID: mshanhun Please tell us a little about yourself, your family, your background… I’m a wife of five years to my dear husband Phill, […]

Love-Hate Relationship… Documented!

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #22… Extended I was thrilled with this prompt, as I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my writing growing up. On the one hand I loved being a left-hander; on the other, I hated being told off for too heavy pen pressure, messy numerals, the extra challenge of constantly smudging my […]

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #22

Communication Tools: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #22 Time Capsule Ideas: * current handwriting sample * past handwriting sample * favorite fonts   A closer look at the journaling… “A couple of years ago I decided to make my own font from my handwriting. Since I created it I now spend a lot less time trying to fiddle […]