Real Life Inspiration: Weekly Challenge #1 Layout of the Week

Get inspired by our Challenge Team’s pick for Layout of the Week for Weekly Challenge #1 …

The New Year: Like a Gift of 365 Possibilities

Challenge Team Member Lee Currie shares thoughts on incorporating list-making as she looks back on the past year and plans for the one ahead.

One Last Look at 2010

Before we bid 2010 a fond farewell, a look back at a few of the more memorable highlights at Log Your Memory…

Introducing the January to June 2011 Challenge Team!

Introducing the Log Your Memory Challenge Team for January to June 2011…

5 Reasons To Check Out the Twitterverse

When you spend as much time online as I do, it’s easy to forget sometimes that not everyone else does the same. What has become second nature to me could very well be foreign territory to you … but it just might be territory you’d like to explore if you knew what you were missing. Such is the case with my topic for today … Twitter.

What Trips YOUR Trigger?

This is what inspires me. What inspires YOU?

I Should Probably Scrap This, Too!

My word for the year, my constant struggle, the thing which, when lacking, seems to cause otherwise wonderful projects to come crashing down around me because of burnout, fatigue and eventually even boredom. Balance. Or more specifically, the lack thereof. My scrapbooking is not immune to this struggle, particularly in my quest to tell life […]

Good, the bad & the adorable “ugly”

The good, the bad & the adorable “ugly” is what I enjoy capturing in my scrapbook pages about real life. Sometimes those photos which you would normally dismiss as being unflattering or a technical mess can be the ones which tell the story the best and should be embraced not deleted. They often contain the […]

Q&A with Eryn

Story Board~12.9