In Search of My Personal Style Topic

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #8… Extended This challenge really was just that, a challenge. I kept thinking to myself, “I don’t even have a personal style.” I thought of documenting the wardrobe of a mother, which generally consists of jeans and a t-shirt. I thought of documenting my jewelry/accessory collection, but it was way too […]

Scrapping a Job, Start to Finish

This week at Log Your Memory, the theme is centered around doing a job and documenting it through a series of photos. I love this idea because you can see something from the beginning to the end of a project. I can think of so many things that you can do this for. One idea […]

Real Life Inspiration: Weekly Challenge #8 Layout of the Week

Get inspired by our Challenge Team’s pick for Layout of the Week for Weekly Challenge #8 …

Season’s Greetings … What’s YOUR Style?

Do you send an annual Christmas card? How about a family newsletter? Perhaps you do both … or neither. It seems everyone has a different approach (and a different opinion) when it comes to sending holiday greetings.

Scrapbooking … It’s About YOU Too!

October Calendar Girl Jennifer Labre shares her thoughts on how scrapbooking about her children has evolved into scrapbooking the stories of her own life as well…