Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #2

Projects & Pursuits: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #2 Time Capsule Ideas: * goal list * journal * progress chart * checklist     Get those creative juices flowing… * What do you find rewarding? Food? Objects? Experiences? Praise? *  If you keep or have kept a journal, what is the tone/purpose of that writing? *  Do you […]

Now Available: 2012 Memory Logbook!

Our brand new 2012 Memory Logbook is hot off the presses… so hot, in fact, that we don’t even have complete photos yet of the final print copy! We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting release of next year’s items, so our new shop is now OPEN and ready for you to take […]

Realize Your Hopes & Dreams Through Goal-Setting

I always find that setting goals is useful to realizing my hopes and dreams. While I don’t always manage to complete every one of my goals, I feel like I have almost no chance if I don’t at least feel like I’m working toward something. It’s almost like if I want to achieve it, I […]