Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #48

Entertainment: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #48 Time Capsule Ideas: * games * puzzles * scorecards * reading materials * electronic reading device * gadgets   Get those creative juices flowing… * Do you read for enjoyment? What do you read? Do you use an electronic reading device, such as a Kindle or Nook? *  What other “toys” […]

Time to Scrap Your Favorite Family Toys

I love the challenge this week!!!! The Weekly Challenge is: What tools, toy or gadgets help you have fun? While preparing for my layout, I had so many different ideas run through my mind. I thought … what do we do as a family that we all enjoy? Where we all laugh and we all […]

Playing by the Rules

It seems like we all have fond memories of at least one childhood game. Sometimes we don’t recall how the game started, and as adults, the rules may seem a bit strange. But something about that early experience sticks with us and creates a story we want to share with others and if possible, replicate […]