Tutorial for the Busy New Mama

Have you ever wished for something you just couldn’t find? Had a vision of that certain something that would make things just the way you wanted them or help you do exactly what you wanted to do?

What Do You Sound Like?

Darcy Baldwin is not only a talented scrapbooker, product designer and fontographer at Sweet Shoppe Designs, she also shares a deep appreciation for the role of storytelling in scrapbooking. I find her philosophies toward journaling and the importance of finding and displaying your voice in your scrapbooks extremely inspiring. I hope you will too…

10 Ideas for Dating Your Layouts

When it comes to dating scrapbook layouts, it seems people either do it consistently … or rarely do it at all.

Missing Mojo:10 Ways to Lure It Back

When scrapper’s are feeling uninspired, unmotivated or simply just don’t feel that special something that moves us to sit down and almost effortlessly put together a layout, we tend to say our “mojo” is missing.

How to Be a Gallery Standout

When it comes to scrapbooking, few things do more to keep the creative juices flowing than sharing our creations with others. After all, the reason most of us spend the time we do to create all of these pages and albums is to make sure our stories and experiences find an audience and a memory outside ourselves.