{interactive} Story Board~ 09.01.2010

Time again to let YOU share your favorite real life layouts with ME … and everyone else who reads our blog!

Story Board~ 08.11.2010

Time again to share inspirational examples of real life scrapbooking from around the Web! See if you can get your creative juices flowing by taking a peek at these fun finds…

Story Board~ 07.14.2010

Ready for another round of “real life” inspiration to help you scrap your everyday life? Check out these finds from around the Web this week…

Story Board~ 06.09.2010

Time again for another collection of scrapbook pages featuring my favorite topic … everyday, real life memories. Check out these beauties I hunted down for you this week…

If I Had Only Known…

They say wisdom comes with age. But wouldn’t it be fun sometimes to travel back in time with the benefit of that hard-earned wisdom?

Story Board~ 5.26.2010

Check out the fantastic Story Board layouts gathered for you today by May Calendar Girl Sarah Hirst…

Time for a Little Retail Therapy

Shopping was the name of the game in this week’s Logbook Weekly Challenge, with our Layout of the Week selected by May Calendar Girl Sarah Hirst.

{interactive} Story Board~5.12.2010

Once a month, I thought I’d turn the tables & let YOU share your favorite real life layouts with ME … and everyone else who reads our blog! Please share YOUR favorite “real life” layout in today’s first {interactive} Story Board!

Like Mother, Like Son

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s no accident our Weekly Challenge this week centered on motherhood … the joys, the frustrations, the highlights & the disappointments … but most of all, the love.

Choosing a Layout of the Week seems to get more difficult with each passing theme, primarily because these challenges tend to draw out very interesting and personal stories. But after studying the pages this week, I finally settled on “Mother & Son” by Buggie.

Story Board~5.5.2010

After a busy NSD weekend, the galleries are just packed with creative, beautiful and memorable layouts. If you’re in the market for some “real life” inspiration, check out these great examples collected just for you… I just love the concept behind “Express” by tls63, not to mention the eye-catching design. The little photos were taken […]