What Makes YOU Laugh?

This week’s Logbook Weekly Challenge has brought out a lot of fun and silliness in the scrapbook layouts shared this week, ranging from April Fool’s Day pranks to first jokes to fave sitcoms. The prompt even led Tanya (tbaker8506), the creator of this week’s Layout of the Week, to share what makes her laugh, despite […]

A Page for All Seasons

The change of the seasons has been on our minds a lot lately, for more reasons than one. Personally, our Central Montana weather changes by the hour right now, so if you were to ask me what season we’re in, the answer could vary widely from one moment to the next. Seasons have also been […]

Message for the Future

This week’s Logbook Weekly Challenge was all about time. Interpretations ranged from scrapping how Daylight Savings Time affects our lives (don’t forget to set your clocks forward this weekend!) to predictions for the future … and a bit of everything in between. The choice of Layout of the Week was in the hands of March […]

You’re going to LOL

If there’s ever been a journaling prompt likely to apply to nearly every active participant in an online community, it’s the one we tackled this week. Weekly Challenge #8 poses the question: How has your daily life changed because of the Internet? And though no two layouts are exactly alike, it’s amazing how much we […]

Making It Work for You

Believe it or not, we’re already nearing the end of Week #7 in our Logbook Weekly Challenge series, this week responding to the prompt: “Who is your favorite person in the world?” By design, the Memory Logbook caters to individual needs by providing a variety of variations on each week’s prompt. This week is no […]

Gotta Love ‘Em!

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Time again to share our pick for Layout of the Week – one fantastic page selected from Book Club member posts in the current week’s Logbook Weekly Challenge Gallery. It’s Week #6 and our featured layout was chosen by our lead Calendar Girl for the month, Jen […]

What’s On Your “Must Have” List?

This week’s Logbook challenge poses the question: “What are your bare necessities? The things you just can’t live without?” For many of us, the lists are shaping up to be quite similar. A good cup of coffee. Our computers & a reliable Internet connection. Our favorite gadgets & scrapbooking tools. Our treasured books. But one […]

Playing by the Rules

It seems like we all have fond memories of at least one childhood game. Sometimes we don’t recall how the game started, and as adults, the rules may seem a bit strange. But something about that early experience sticks with us and creates a story we want to share with others and if possible, replicate […]

Letting the Music Speak

Journaling is sometimes the most difficult part of scrapping our real lives, particularly when the topic is very personal. But sometimes you can let someone else do much of the talking for you, particularly if there is a song that really conveys the message you are hoping to send. Such is the case with “When […]

Life’s Challenges:Documented

Lost jobs. Shattered dreams. Poor health. Self-doubt. The search for balance. Battles with depression. Weight issues. The unique challenges of parenting … or being unable to parent. This week’s Logbook challenge question was a tough one: “What has been your biggest challenge or most frequent struggle?” But that didn’t stop our Book Club members from […]