On the Menu: Capturing Family Dinners

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #31… Extended Our family dinner times are one of my favorite things we do as a family. Both my hubby and I grew up in families where we ate dinner together at the kitchen table and talked about the day. Then after I moved out of my parent’s house, I developed […]

Cooking Up Special Memories

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #30… Extended I have to confess: I’m not really a good cook! Cooking the daily meals is not something I like very much… But I’m the one that is home first, so I always cook. Still, when I was reading this challenge, immediately some recipes that I would call “family recipes” […]

More Than Just a Nifty Collection of Photos

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #29… Extended As I typed this post, I had reached an interesting milestone. My camera photo count had turned back to zero. That’s right, in just about three years I had taken 10,000 photos. That is a little more than 10 photos a day. Now, considering that not every day is […]

Grocery Shopping: Behind the Scenes

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #28… Extended Food. One of my favorite things. I photograph it often to share with family and friends, but I don’t think I had ever scrapped about it before this prompt. Now, I scrap about it often. Why shouldn’t I? It’s such a big part of our lives. The first idea […]

Scrapping Family Dinner Time

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #27… Extended Good morning blog readers!!  I’m excited to share this week’s challenge with you.  When I first read the challenge, I was excited.  One thing I hold dear to my heart is our family dinner time. In different forums, I’ve read about what is normal in each family.  I feel […]

Scrapping a Family On a Mission…

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #26… Extended My family loves to travel… near or far; happy or whiny; by plane, train, or car. Years ago, I read an article where Tim Russert talked about traveling the world with his son, showing him different areas of the country, how people could be different but were really still […]

Scrapping Our “Chevy Family” Story

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #25… Extended First, this challenge scared me.  Then I thought about the passion for vehicles my husband has.  Then I got excited for this week’s challenge!  First thought was to do a layout of all our vehicles we’ve owned since we got married.  Then I realized probably don’t have pictures for […]

Remember When Gas Was Cheap? You Will Now…

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #24… Extended When I saw this week’s challenge topic, I knew right away that I wanted to scrap about the cost of gas. I struggled with whether to do a layout on how the cost of gas has affected us personally, but what really got me was when I was looking […]

To Capture Today, Think About Past & Future

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #23… Extended I am so directionally challenged, it isn’t funny.  I can give directions to the zoo in my city, but only for the last few miles.  In my head, I cannot connect where I live with where the zoo is. So when I read the challenge and time capsule ideas, […]

Love-Hate Relationship… Documented!

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #22… Extended I was thrilled with this prompt, as I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my writing growing up. On the one hand I loved being a left-hander; on the other, I hated being told off for too heavy pen pressure, messy numerals, the extra challenge of constantly smudging my […]