Capturing a New Approach to Spending

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #41… Extended When I first saw this challenge, I had to really think about what I wanted to do. For me and our family, shopping has changed dramatically in the last ten years. We never had “plenty” of money, but we always got by and didn’t have to scrimp. Well, my […]

Saved From Shopping

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #40… Extended You know, when I was younger and single, I loved to shop… especially for fun stuff like shoes!! Now I am older, married, and a mother… most of my shopping trips are limited to grocery, dry cleaning, household items, diapers and other kid supplies. I don’t know where the […]

It’s All About Finding Balance

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #39… Extended As soon as I read “Finding the Balance,” I thought about balancing life as a mother.  I had in my mind to have squares/boxes with the parts of my life I need to balance: work, playing with kids/entertainment, household chores/DIY, children “chores,” and a little box for me! I […]

A Reason to Capture Newsworthy Events

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #38… Extended This week’s challenge was something I’ve wanted to scrap about for a long time and haven’t. I was very grateful for this challenge to get me moving! The newspaper doesn’t get stories correct all the time. In fact, we usually find they miss details. My sweet hubby is a […]

Scrapping the Busy-Ness of Life

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #37… Extended A challenge close to my heart as this is something I struggle with on a daily basis – how to keep up with it all! I did a bit of brainstorming for this one thinking about all of my daily challenges and trying to narrow it down into a […]

Improve Your Health Through Scrapbooking!

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #36… Extended This challenge is close to my heart.  I think it is so important to care for ourselves.  This is an extremely face-paced world and it is so easy to overlook things like good nutrition, exercise, a good night’s sleep and not to mention your mental well-being.  This challenge was […]

Documenting Your Decorative Touch

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #35… Extended No matter how big or small, whether we live in the city or the country, we all have a place that we call home. I love my home and where we live. This challenge was so fun for me.  It could have been so many things. I thought of […]

Scrap Your Space, Wherever That May Be

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #34… Extended When I read this challenge, I was so pleased. This was a topic made for me. To scrapbook about my home was only natural. Home is where you spend so much time. I feel you just have to feel comfortable in your own home. Otherwise I would not be […]

Bringing Out the Best When Scrapping Personal Space

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #33… Extended I do not love where I live. Sad but true. My husband and I have been doing a lot of talking about moving, but he only recently left for a year in Afghanistan, and my plate is just so full without throwing in a move on top. Like, my […]

Templates Make Scrapping Collections Easier

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #32… Extended When you look around my home, you get the distinct impression that I am woman of contradiction. There are no ornaments around my house. Everything serves a purpose even if I find the most decorative object to fill that purpose. I have no dolls or decorative plates. I have […]