A Fun Way to Recap the Year

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #52… Extended In the world of entertainment, movies remain a favorite in my family.  We love going to movies as a family or having a family cuddlefest at home with a rental.   Movies are something that every age can relate to and everybody can enjoy.  It is also a favorite for […]

Year-End Layouts as “Paper Therapy”

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #51… Extended We scrapbookers spend a lot of time creating pages to capture memories surrounding specific events in our lives.  The snapshots of birthday parties, trips to the pumpkin patch or even the story of a child’s blanket are all fair game… each page reflects a moment in time, frozen.When creating […]

Letting Your Words Take Center Stage

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #50… Extended When I read the prompt for this challenge, the letter part of it really stood out to me. This was a layout that didn’t need a picture or lots of embellishments, it needed words. Words from the heart. It needed me to really dig deep and put myself out […]

Scrapbooking a Year of Self-Reflection

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #49… Extended When I first came across this challenge, I thought I’d write a holiday letter to update my friends and family on my life. I realized that my year wasn’t so much about events that could be easily shared with others. It was a year of self-reflection and deciding where […]

Scrapbooking a New Hobby

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #47… Extended I knew right away that I was going to scrapbook about my newest hobby, making fabric flower accessories, when I saw this challenge. I also knew that I wanted to include extracted flowers on my page to both give it a dimensional look and to add focus to what […]

Musically Inspired Scrapbooking

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #46… Extended The first idea that popped into my mind when I read the challenge was how music gets me in the cleaning mood. Once I saw the topic I thought about where I wanted to go with the theme. I knew what radio station I always turned the radio on. […]

Inspired by Music & Concerts

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #45… Extended I have to say when I see the word “entertainment,” my mind immediately goes to music and concerts! I absolutely love music. All kinds of music in fact. I grew up listening to what my mom and dad liked, and thanks to them I have a desire for music […]

Reviews as Scrapping Inspiration

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #44… Extended Reviews seem to be a big thing these days with more and more review blogs and sites popping up around the internet. When I was given this challenge I immediately knew what I wanted to create a page about – my journey to doing product reviews on my blog. […]

Let Your Scrapbooking Be a Reflection of YOU

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #43… Extended Funnily enough, this was the first layout I did for the 2012 LYM Memory Logbook time capsule. I thought it rather fitting that I start off with an introduction of sorts. And it’s not merely an introduction with basic stats but a small glimpse into my heritage and personality […]

A Penny WITH Her Thoughts

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #42… Extended Money, money, money… it’s something we all want and need! Whether you enjoy spending or saving, this week’s topic of “Shopping and Business” is something everyone can relate to. I’m Andrea Friebus and I’m happy to share some ideas on the LYM blog this week. One of my favorite […]