Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #49

Past to Future: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #49 Time Capsule Ideas: * holiday cards and letters (past and/or current) * annual family or keepsake calendar * one-year journal or datebook   A closer look at the journaling… “2011. It has been a busy and sleepless year. A year of self-reflection; re-evaluation of goals and purpose; and motivation […]

Let’s Make It Personal

The Print-It-Yourself downloadable eBook version of the Scrapbooker’s All-In-One Memory Logbook is a great format for those who like to tweak things around to fit their lifestyle. There are several ways you can customize your book. Here are a few tips & suggestions to get you started… Printing Your Book The downloadable Memory Logbook is […]

Introducing the Memory Logbook

I am very excited to introduce the core product at Log Your Memory – the Scrapbooker’s All-In-One Memory Logbook. This book is my answer to a problem common among busy scrapbookers … too many memories & not enough time to scrap them. Picture this scenario: Your daughter says the cutest thing. You manage to write […]

Welcome to Log Your Memory!!!

You may be here because you know me from my favorite scrapbooking haunts and were curious about what I’m doing now. You may be here because I’ve been teasing & taunting you for the past couple weeks on Facebook. You may be here because a friend of a friend of a friend pointed you this […]