Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #37

Life’s Challenges: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #37 Time Capsule Ideas: * chore chart * to do list * bills * bank statement   A closer look at the journaling… “Our week days are so busy that our various appointments, school events and extracurricular activities often overlap. This year, Jason has to help shuttle the kids since they […]

How to Do Housework, Sarah Style

I usually feel like my biggest struggles revolve around housework. I usually have so much to do and I’m a pro at putting things off. In fact these two layouts, I can totally relate to…     Over the past few months, however, I’ve really worked at incorporating housework into my everyday life. Not just […]

Note to Self: Rewards Work for Mamas, Too!

We reward our kids for a job well done, but when was the last time you did the same for yourself? It’s high time we start … and I’ve already picked out MY reward!! How about you?