A Simple Journaling Tool to Help You … Simplify

In my quest for simplification, I came across a little project that I just love … so much so that I turned it into a gift download for everyone who contributes to our Celebrating Real Life fund-raising project this week.

THIS is Real Life

As I write this, it is Sunday evening and the sun is shining. Two of my kids are playing outside my window on the trampoline, a third is hanging out in the kitchen while daddy makes dinner and the fourth just called begging for “just a little bit longer” at his friend’s house so they can watch the rest of “Lord of the Rings.” As I write this, I am also reminded that my “little” brother Rob goes in tomorrow to begin yet another five-day series of chemotherapy treatments.

A “Real Life” Example of Strength in Numbers

As promised, I have a new little gift download today for anyone who chooses to add to our “Celebrating Real Life” fund-raising total with a contribution of any size between now and next Monday.