Scrapbook Layouts That Are Just So … YOU!

Have you ever gone shopping and found yourself saying… “This looks just like my sister!” or “That is just so YOU!”?

Introducing the 2011 Memory Logbook

I’m thrilled today to begin revealing many more details about the 2011 edition of Log Your Memory’s core product … the Memory Logbook!

Scrapbooking … It’s About YOU Too!

October Calendar Girl Jennifer Labre shares her thoughts on how scrapbooking about her children has evolved into scrapbooking the stories of her own life as well…

Betcha Didn’t Know…

It’s been a while … a very long while … since I wrote a “real life” post about my own life. So today I thought I’d employ one of my favorite tactics … a list highlighting random facts about a topic, in this case … me!

Countdown: One Word for 2010