Print-It-Yourself Memory Logbook

You can now purchase your Print-It-Yourself Downloadable version of the Scrapbooker’s All-In-One Memory Logbook right here on the Log Your Memory Web site in our brand new on-site store!


Create your own customized logbook by printing this PDF file on your home printer or through your local copy shop and placing it in a 2-inch three-ring binder (not included.) Add your own pocket pages for an even more versatile book. Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own customized book will be included with your download.

This downloadable version is an identical full-color version of the black-and-white print copy available through our Bookstore. This 388-page book is designed to be printed on 8.5×11-inch paper, two-sides per page. You can also preview several pages of the book in our Bookstore. Total file size: 73.9 MB

NOTE: It is ILLEGAL to share this file outside of your own household or to print copies for sale or distribution, even if not for sale or profit.

To purchase the downloadable version of the Memory Logbook directly from this site, please visit the Log Your Memory Store.

Scrapbooker’s All-In-One Memory Logbook 2010 + Special Free Bonus: December 2009 One-Month Edition of the Memory Logbook (sorry… this offer does NOT apply to prior purchases of the Memory Logbook 2010 download)

You can also purchase just the December 2009 edition of the Memory Logbook HERE.