Excerpt from Memory Logbook 2010

From the Scrapbooker’s All-In-One Memory Logbook 2010, page 5 …

This book is for YOU …

If you want to share your story … the everyday activities, the celebrations, the behaviors, the quirks and funny things that happen …  this book is for you.

If you love scrapbooking but don’t always have time to do a page when the idea strikes … this book is for you.

If you’ve tried to document the details and now find yourself with an unorganized hodge-podge of scraps of paper, datebooks and half-filled notebooks … this book is for you.

If you find inspiration in lots of different places … books, magazines, the work of others, online communities … this book is for you.

If it is important to you to reflect your “real” life in your scrapbooking, this book is for you.

Whether the story you scrapbook is your own, that of your children and family, your friends, or all of the above… this book is for you. It is a place where you can record your daily activities, that funny thing you heard, that idea for a scrapbook page you woke up with this morning, your hopes and wishes for the future, the little details that make a full life – all in one place.

It is also a book that will trigger new ideas through weekly challenges meant to get the creative juices flowing and perhaps lead you to memories you may not have thought to scrap before. Keep this book on your desk, in your purse, on the kitchen counter or wherever you will see and use it often … and then USE it to record all those little bits and pieces that make up your life. Then when you do find a little time to scrap, you can open up this book and all of the inspiration & information you need will be right there waiting for you.