Summer Project 2010: An Update

In case you’ve been wondering, a little update regarding my Summer Project 2010 …

Summer Project 2010: Week #5

This past couple weeks have been a good reminder of why I broke this project into so many little steps. And it didn’t help that I hit an emotional roadblock with this week’s task … maybe you’ve been there too?

Summer Project 2010: Week #4

This week was definitely one of baby steps … after previously sorting photos & memorabilia, making some basic decisions about the overall album and ordering materials, this week my sole task was to come up with a list of stories/topics to actually scrapbook.

Summer Project 2010: Week #3

Now that I’d sorted my son’s kindergarten year stuff and had a pretty good idea of the materials, both physical and digital, that I’d be working with, it was time to create a more concrete plan of just how I wanted to pull everything together into an album.

Summer Project 2010: Week #2

My Summer Project 2010 continues … Last week I sorted the paper memorabilia for my oldest son’s kindergarten year. This week it’s on to the digital stuff.

Summer Project 2010: School Year Album

I have been diligently saving every little scrap of school-related memorabilia for each of my kids since the day they could first hold a crayon. And I’ve planned all along to create a year-by-year album for each kid with all that great stuff. But that’s about as far as I’ve gotten … until now.

Paving the Way for Summer Projects

The onset of summer will bring with it a couple of exciting projects I will be sharing with you after this weekend, as well as several others to come in the next several months. To help get things ready, I will be doing some renovations on the forum and layout gallery which will require that I close them down for a bit.