Creative Pursuit: Reflections

Another Friday night, this time at the end of what felt like a very long week … but in hindsight, also a pretty good one. As I thought about what I wanted to write for this weekend in regard to this Creative Pursuit of mine, I ended up compiling a list… observations, concerns, a few […]

Creative Pursuit: It’s About Time

It’s been nearly a month since I first posted about my Creative Pursuit project and so far I’ve done a lot of thinking, planning and talking … but not  a heckuva lot of doing. After last weekend’s update, I had intended to brainstorm strategies for avoiding all of those obstacles I talked about. I also […]

Creative Pursuit: Back on Track?

It’s Friday night, the girls are both in bed & I’m finally sitting down to write my weekend update on my Creative Pursuit. But I’m not sitting alone… The perfectionist in me is making this post very hard to start, since I don’t like doing things that I don’t feel like I’m going to do […]

Creative Pursuit: Interrupted

Happy Easter weekend! I had planned to update you today on the current status of my Creative Pursuits project, but between a mid-week visit from my brother & his family, a new four-legged addition to the family on Friday, a quick trip across state for the holiday weekend and about a million other little things […]

Creative Pursuits: The Goal

If you’ve been following along with me the past week, beginning with last Saturday’s blog post and continued through various forum posts in the Creative Pursuits social groups forum, you know I’ve been working on clarifying my first goal and developing a Vision Board to go along with it. Rather than repeat what I have […]

Creative Pursuits: An Invitation

So I thought I’d try something different this weekend … and I’m hoping you will join me. But first, a little background … I’ve been a “self-help junkie” for as long as I can remember. As a very quiet, not terribly social preteen and teenager, I spent hours reading – and my preferred genre was […]