How I’m Using Project Life + 2012 Memory Logbook… PLUS a Video Tutorial AND a Giveaway!

We’re nearly a week into 2012 … have you started logging your memories yet? If not, don’t worry… there’s still time to get started. I know it’s taken me a few days to get into a routine for the New Year and that includes figuring out just how I want to approach my memorykeeping for […]

Combining Approaches to Capture Everyday Memories

As the holiday season has gotten underway, much of the buzz in the scrapbooking community has focused on the popular December Daily project pioneered by Ali Edwards … the practice of documenting memories day by day throughout this holiday month leading up until Christmas Day. Mixed in with that excitement has been the highly anticipated […]

Answers to Your 2012 Memory Logbook Questions

As is usually the case, yesterday’s release of the 2012 Memory Logbook elicited a great deal of feedback (thank you for all the nice comments!!!) as well as several questions from curious shoppers. Because I know there are many others who have similar questions, I thought I’d answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions […]

Now Available: 2012 Memory Logbook!

Our brand new 2012 Memory Logbook is hot off the presses… so hot, in fact, that we don’t even have complete photos yet of the final print copy! We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting release of next year’s items, so our new shop is now OPEN and ready for you to take […]

Introducing the 2012 Design Team… & A Preview!

They’ve been in hiding for more than two months, creating amazing Weekly Challenge layouts, writing behind-the-scenes blog posts, filling out questionnaires, and anxiously waiting for the day when their identities could be revealed. Today’s that day! Introducing the 31 members of the 2012 Log Your Memory Design Team!! This talented group of paper and digital […]

How To Be A 2012 Memory Logbook Contributor

If you’ve been around Log Your Memory for a while, you know we’re constantly working to improve our products & services for our fans and followers. Along that vein, we’re going to do things just a bit differently in connection with the development and promotion of the 2012 version of our Memory Logbook. That means […]

Taking Ideas for the 2012 Memory Logbook…

I tossed a question out on Twitter & Facebook yesterday … What features would you most like to see in the 2012 Memory Logbook? Here are the responses so far… Tabs for each month! Being able to edit it! I would like to be able to add in birthdays, special events, etc. More efficient use […]

Last Chance to Get a 2011 Logbook+Important Announcements

As we round out the month of June and reach the official half-way mark of 2011, a few announcements…   LAST CHANCE to pick up a 2011 Memory Logbook! Today is your last chance to pick up a 2011 Memory Logbook before it permanently disappears from the shelves!! That means beginning tomorrow morning, you will […]

Fallen Behind on Your Logbook? Some Ideas to Get Back on Track…

I know I’m one to get really excited about a new project, dive in… and then get burned out really fast, so I thought I’d share some ideas on how you can bring your Memory Logbook up to date if you’ve fallen behind. Go through your Twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s amazing to me how […]

Wanted: Your Input In Exchange for Chance at Cash Prize

Believe it or not, plans are already underway for the 2012 edition of the Memory Logbook!! A few new options are being considered, but before any final decisions are made, I’d like to hear from YOU and anyone else with an interest in the future of the Memory Logbook. In exchange for a few minutes […]