So Much to Love About Real Life Scrapbooking

December Calendar Girl Alyson Hall reflects on why she loves “real life” scrapbooking…

Making the “Little Things” Top Priority

November Calendar Girl Becki Wright shares her thoughts today on why scrapping her everyday life is the focus of her memory-keeping.

Scrapbooking … It’s About YOU Too!

October Calendar Girl Jennifer Labre shares her thoughts on how scrapbooking about her children has evolved into scrapbooking the stories of her own life as well…

Take Time to Stop & Scrap the Little Stuff

In the hustle and bustle of your everyday, when’s the last time you stopped and documented those little things that make up your real life? September Calendar Girl Rebecca Kuchenbecker reflects on her own efforts to scrap those important everyday memories.

No Photo? No Problem…

Log Your Memory community member and guest blogger Sarah Brown shares her secrets for scrapping stories even without that perfect photo …

Make It Meaningful

Ever stop and ask yourself just WHY you scrap the way you do? Or look back at your past pages and not really care for what you see? August Calendar Girl Eryn Herbert did and shares her insights in today’s post…

Can Scrapbooking Make You Skinny?

Today July Calendar Girl Jennifer Barrette shares a very personal peek into a part of her own “real life” scrapbooking journey …

Look Deep Into Your Photos, Then Scrap What You Find

Guest Post from June Calendar Girl Dawn McFarland: I don’t make pages full of birthday, Christmas, or holiday photos. For me it is the everyday moments, the everyday thoughts that I want to capture. It’s the things that happen to us as a family, how we handle them, or don’t handle them, the things that make us who we are, that I want in my albums.

Let’s Talk About Journaling

I’m very excited but feeling shameful about my efforts to scrap real life of late. Throughout the craziness of iNSD weekend, and getting a bit sick, I scrapped some pages – some were really fast ones for challenges over iNSD. Some of them are really pretty and I love them. But now I’m looking at them thinking, “That would be so much better if I had told the story!”

When All Else Fails, Journal

Ever faced a situation that left you simply unable to scrapbook? Something that knocked the wind out of your sails and threatened everything that matters most to you? What did you do? Check out how April Calendar Girl Alisa Schenck is dealing with just such a situation right now … My “real life” scrapbooking has […]