Making Plans to Capture 2012 Memories

This week between Christmas and New Years is usually one of reflection for me. I love to look back on our year, think about what was great and even what wasn’t so great. I’m always filled with gratitude that we have made it through another year. I also love to look forward to the year […]

Document Those Holiday Traditions

I have been planning for Christmas and trying to get everything in order. I just realized that my boys haven’t finished their letters for Santa. That is always a big thing at our house at Christmas time and I always try to capture them on film so we can remember them. My boys also love […]

Life’s Moments Are Precious… Scrapbooked or Not

During the month of December, when we are all scrambling to buy gifts and decorate the house between concerts, parties and get-togethers, it can be easy to overlook the “everyday” moments. I’ve been working on my December Daily and looking back… I love the everyday pages and photos just as much as the event ones. […]

Favorite Products to Jump Start Your Then & Now Scrapping

Happy Holidays! With the holidays officially upon us, I am extra excited about the challenges this month. I love celebrations and traditions. This week as we have started some of those, I can’t help but remember our past years of holiday festivities. I think when I got married, we tried to merge traditions, and now […]

Add An Attitude of Gratitude to Your Scrapbook

As the weather is warming up here in Australia, I was mulling over this week’s challenge to document something I’d taken for granted. I wondered if I would miss the scorching hot summers of Kalgoorlie, where we had lived for the last few years. The nearest beach is 380 kms away, it gets to be […]

So Much To Be Grateful For…

When I was growing up being a stay-at-home mom was the last thing I wanted to be. I didn’t think I wanted kids, let alone have a desire to stay home with them all day. Now not only do I not work outside the home but I’ve taken it a step further and decided to […]

This Year’s Holiday Mantra… Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

I don’t know about you, but I am already beginning to stress out about the holiday season, and it’s only the beginning of November! And this stressed out feeling didn’t just start today either. No, I’ve been feeling it since before Halloween. As the number of days between the now and the holidays steadily decreases, […]

Scrapping Real Life Means Capturing the Ups AND Downs

Life is a compilation of so many emotions. Everyday, as much as we may like it to be, is not perfect. Life around my house is real. One moment there are giggling kids, laughing and playing, the next they are screaming and crying. There are accomplishments and disappointments. There are days when everything seems to […]

Documenting the Roles You Play

What role or roles do you play in your daily life?? Most of us have more than one role we play in our lives. I know my greatest role is being a mom. It is a neverending job that is so full of obstacles and challenges, but it is just SO rewarding. If this was […]

What a Difference a Year Makes

The roles in my life have changed drastically over the last year. I went from working full-time as a teacher to being a stay-at-home mom. I’m still working to find balance in the third month of the new school year. (Yes I still measure the year by the school calendar, even though I’m not teaching […]