Thanks for the Memories… Now What?

We’re in for a special treat today: Guest Jenn White of Scrappers Workshop shares tons of tips for preserving, repairing, storing and making the most of your precious older photos…   Dusty, dirty, and dripping with sweat, my sister and I heaved the footlocker down from the attic. It was the last of the dark […]

How I’m Using Project Life + 2012 Memory Logbook… PLUS a Video Tutorial AND a Giveaway!

We’re nearly a week into 2012 … have you started logging your memories yet? If not, don’t worry… there’s still time to get started. I know it’s taken me a few days to get into a routine for the New Year and that includes figuring out just how I want to approach my memorykeeping for […]

5 Reasons To Check Out the Twitterverse

When you spend as much time online as I do, it’s easy to forget sometimes that not everyone else does the same. What has become second nature to me could very well be foreign territory to you … but it just might be territory you’d like to explore if you knew what you were missing. Such is the case with my topic for today … Twitter.

A Few New Ideas for Your Back To School List

It’s not uncommon to see moms and dads snapping first day photos in front of the school and lots of layouts filled with crayons, pencils and yellow buses popping up in the galleries as September approaches. If you could use a few new ideas for documenting this important milestone in your household, check out the list in today’s post…

Summer Project 2010: Week #2

My Summer Project 2010 continues … Last week I sorted the paper memorabilia for my oldest son’s kindergarten year. This week it’s on to the digital stuff.

Summer Project 2010: School Year Album

I have been diligently saving every little scrap of school-related memorabilia for each of my kids since the day they could first hold a crayon. And I’ve planned all along to create a year-by-year album for each kid with all that great stuff. But that’s about as far as I’ve gotten … until now.

10 Ideas for Dating Your Layouts

When it comes to dating scrapbook layouts, it seems people either do it consistently … or rarely do it at all.

Missing Mojo:10 Ways to Lure It Back

When scrapper’s are feeling uninspired, unmotivated or simply just don’t feel that special something that moves us to sit down and almost effortlessly put together a layout, we tend to say our “mojo” is missing.

How to Be a Gallery Standout

When it comes to scrapbooking, few things do more to keep the creative juices flowing than sharing our creations with others. After all, the reason most of us spend the time we do to create all of these pages and albums is to make sure our stories and experiences find an audience and a memory outside ourselves.

Pay Tribute with a Special Gift