Good news for scrapbooking team members!

Just a quick note to let my LYM friends know that Scrap Assistant finally launched today! As you may recall, Scrap Assistant is a site I started toying with over a year ago in response to a survey here at LYM in which I learned that many, many of you are members of multiple scrapbooking […]

Multi-Project Planning & Tracking Made Easier

Juggling several projects at once? Feeling a bit overwhelmed with your responsibilities? I sure was … until I created a new set of planning pages. Take a peek at how I’m using them and share your own ideas for putting them to good use.

Summer Project 2010: Week #2

My Summer Project 2010 continues … Last week I sorted the paper memorabilia for my oldest son’s kindergarten year. This week it’s on to the digital stuff.

What’s Your Backup Plan?

As someone who enjoys a great photo of my kids much more than an expensive piece of jewelry or fancy new gadget, there’s one thing that used to keep me awake at night with worry … the fear of losing our thousands of digital photos to fire, computer malfunction or other similar trauma. I had […]