Where do I find inspiration? Let me show you …

When I want to be inspired, I tend to look for it in my “real” world. And going for a walk downtown is one of my most effective ways of getting that process started. We’ll call it an Inspiration Walk … and I’d love for you to join me…

Note to Self: Rewards Work for Mamas, Too!

We reward our kids for a job well done, but when was the last time you did the same for yourself? It’s high time we start … and I’ve already picked out MY reward!! How about you?

THIS is Real Life

As I write this, it is Sunday evening and the sun is shining. Two of my kids are playing outside my window on the trampoline, a third is hanging out in the kitchen while daddy makes dinner and the fourth just called begging for “just a little bit longer” at his friend’s house so they can watch the rest of “Lord of the Rings.” As I write this, I am also reminded that my “little” brother Rob goes in tomorrow to begin yet another five-day series of chemotherapy treatments.

A “Real Life” Example of Strength in Numbers

As promised, I have a new little gift download today for anyone who chooses to add to our “Celebrating Real Life” fund-raising total with a contribution of any size between now and next Monday.

Someone To Inspire You … and a Special Request

What do Log Your Memory’s First Anniversary, Spiderman, a gratitude journal and my mom all have in common? Read on to find out …

There’s a Reason They’re Called “Priorities”

An a-ah moment. An explanation. And a new plan.

Scrapping Real Life … Or Is It?

I was part of an interesting conversation the other day that got me thinking a little bit about “real life” scrapbooking. Let me tell you a little about it … and then I’d like to hear YOUR take on the subject!

Rest Your Eyes on This …

Have you taken any favorite travel or vacation photos this summer? Here’s one of mine…

What Trips YOUR Trigger?

This is what inspires me. What inspires YOU?

In Pursuit of a Healthier Me

You wouldn’t know it to look at me … and my husband would most likely laugh out loud if he read this … but I’ve always been something of a health nut. So what happened??