Something to Jot About: Taxes

Need some help getting the conversation started in your journal, on your scrapbook page … or even with your kids? Introducing Something to Jot About … a weekly list of 10 story starters on a timely topic! 

Let’s Talk About… Taxes

Something to JOT about... conversation starters for your journal, scrapbook & daily life. • Do you file your income taxes early? Late? Not at all?
• Do you typically receive a refund or owe money at tax time?
• How do you feel about the taxation system overall? Do you think it’s fair?
• How do you file your taxes? Online? Through an accountant? Through the mail?
• Do you do your own taxes?
• If you receive a tax refund, what do you do with it?
• Share your thoughts on the saying… “Only two things in life are certain – death and taxes.”
• Have your feelings about taxes changed over time?
• Have you ever been audited? What was that experience like?
• Do you have a fear of being audited? How does that fear affect your behavior?

Looking for journaling prompts on a specific topic? Let us know & we may provide them in a future post!

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