Year-End Layouts as “Paper Therapy”

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #51… Extended

We scrapbookers spend a lot of time creating pages to capture memories surrounding specific events in our lives.  The snapshots of birthday parties, trips to the pumpkin patch or even the story of a child’s blanket are all fair game… each page reflects a moment in time, frozen.When creating this layout, I knew I wanted to look at a broader time frame and really reflect on it in a much broader way.

Monthly Wrap-Up

For the last two years, I have been participating in Project 12.  It’s a much lower stress project than Project 365 and it really alleviates any guilt I have over not being “caught up.”  Each month, a layout is created using the provided sketch and the highlights of each month are documented.  I have a special album for these monthly pages, but I had never “wrapped up the year” so to speak, until this assignment.

I chose to start with 2010.  I created a collage of the 12 monthly layouts on one 4 x 6 photo. (I used my Picasa program to easily do this, but if you have Photoshop skills then this is a piece of cake for you.)

This got me to thinking in a much broader sense… the main thoughts being that 2010 was NOT an easy year for our family … and yet, in spite of the hardships, there was SO much good going on… and while reflecting on the year my attitude about it really changed.  And while I documented the struggles our family experienced (the time card and rain drops  represent that), when I was done, I really felt hopeful for the future (hence the cardboard butterflies and flowers!).  I chose to add “It’s all worth it, my friend” to remind myself and my family that no matter what, we have each other and that means we have everything!

As you create your Past to Future layout, I encourage you to take a deeper look at a broader time span and document your emotions about that time.  It’s very cathartic and very real and you may just find that creating this form of layout is a bit of “paper therapy” for you- it really was for me!



Lisa Spiegel

You can read more of Lisa’s life stories on her blog at, where she shares her scrapbook layouts, the crazy anecdotes of her three children and little slices of her life.


Additional 2012 Design Team sample layouts for Weekly Challenge #51 may be found in this week’s Challenge Galleryif you complete this challenge yourself, please consider posting your project in the gallery as well so others may be inspired by YOU!

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