Letting Your Words Take Center Stage

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #50… Extended

When I read the prompt for this challenge, the letter part of it really stood out to me. This was a layout that didn’t need a picture or lots of embellishments, it needed words. Words from the heart. It needed me to really dig deep and put myself out there.

As I was writing the journaling for this page I was thinking back at my past (all 27 years of it) and thinking about things I’d change. Every time a thought popped into my head it was immediately followed by the thought that if I did change those things then I would not be who I am today.

That is how my layout was born. I really focused on my words and made them the star of my page. Everything else was built around that.

Sometimes it’s hard to bare our heart and soul for the world to see, but I think it’s rather therapeutic. And who says you need to share these letters with anyone?

I know that I, personally, will. I’ll definitely share this letter with my daughters because I want them to know that everyone makes mistakes and has regrets. But those are not things that you need to change about yourself. Those are experiences that you take with you, learn from and grow from. They’re part of who we are.



Shannon Dombkowski

Shannon Dombkowski is a digital scrapbooker who loves to tell stories of everyday life through her pages. She enjoys playing around in Photoshop and gathering inspiration by watching and listening to her children go about their day. She has been scrapbooking for five years and can’t imagine ever stopping. You can find Shannon on Twitter (@mommaski) or on her blog http://www.shannondombkowski.com.


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