Meet the 2012 Design Team: Cindy Turner

Get to know Cindy Turner…

Your Name: Cindy Turner
Where you live: Phenix City, Alabama, US
Your most commonly used username in the scrapbooking word: ~Cindy~

Cindy Turner

Please tell us a little about yourself, your family, your background… I am a stay-at-home mom to a 2-year-old boy. Scott and I have been married nine years as of September 6. I currently am a full-time college student. I also watch an 8-month-old boy four days a week. My pets include two turtles and a jack russell terrier mix.

How did you become a scrapbooker or memory-keeper? I started out making signatures. I then came across a scrap kit while looking for something to use as a background. Then I did a search on scrap kits and saw scrapbook layouts and said I can do that. A little over four years later and I am still going.

How would you describe your scrapbooking style? I’d say I am a mood scrapper… it just depends on how I feel that day and what type of day I am having.

When do you scrapbook? How much time do you spend on this activity during a typical week? I scrapbook when I have a free minute which is mostly late at night. I would say I spend at least 24 hours scrapping a week.

What is your favorite way to capture the journaling part of your scrapbooking? I like to take pictures that capture exactly what Cole happened to be doing that day. Normally that will jog my memory on what happened… if not I always have my status updates on Facebook. I love to have the story behind what he was up to that day, week, or year.

What story from the past do you most wish had been documented so you and/or your family could enjoy it now? I wish that my family members had made a family tree over the years. Before Cole was born I was filling in his baby book and I had to call all sorts of family members because, no one could remember names. Pictures included with that and their outlook on life or even their thoughts would be awesome!

What is your favorite source of scrapbooking or design inspiration? Templates and galleries. I have to say even if I can’t find zero inspiration inside myself, I can look at a template or digital/paper galleries and know in my head exactly what I have to do.

What is your favorite part of scrapbooking/memory-keeping? Knowing that my son will never ask me what he was like at this age and me not remember. I will always have my layouts for him to see and where he can find the answers himself.

What do you find the most challenging about scrapbooking/memory-keeping? Inspiration… some days I just don’t have it but, then the next day I may be able to make several layouts that day.

How has your scrapbooking changed since you first started? (or has it?) My scrapbooking when I first started was awful. I had very little elements and no shadows whatsoever. I absolutely had no idea on what shadows were.

Please share one piece of advice on how to capture everyday real life memories for others new to scrapbooking and/or memory-keeping… Most of the time if I am anywhere I always have my camera! If Cole is doing something hilarious or even being naughty, I stop and get the camera and take a picture. Then I correct him for his behavior. He will never be this age again and probably never, at least I hope, decide to do the same exact thing again. So I need to catch him while I can.


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