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Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #45… Extended

I have to say when I see the word “entertainment,” my mind immediately goes to music and concerts! I absolutely love music. All kinds of music in fact. I grew up listening to what my mom and dad liked, and thanks to them I have a desire for music from way back in time to the present. I think my dad was the most influential though. It is kind of hard to not love music when you have a cool dad that listens to rock n’ roll, but at the same time will let you listen to what you love.

Once I knew what I was going to scrap, I told my dad about this. We had a blast reminiscing about all of the awesome concerts we have been to over the years. We had a lot of laughs as well. I mean… I did go see Milli Vanilli in concert and they were lip-syncing the whole time. My dad still likes to tease me about going to see Vanilla Ice as well. We have seen some amazing concerts since then. I think my favorite memory concert-wise was seeing Lynyrd Skynard and Bad Company with my dad. I thank my dad all the time for teaching me to love music so much. He still loves music as much as he did back then.

I found a template that I loved and I just knew that I wanted to scrap my first three concerts. Even though my very first concert was when I was 5, I still remember bits and pieces. We saw Quarterflash at Busch Gardens. I think they were what you would consider a “one-hit wonder.” I am showing my age now telling you who I saw and how old I was then… lol. After I found the template I knew exactly what kit I was going to use because it had just the right amount of funkiness that I wanted on my page. Finally, I did the easy part which was my journaling. I had no problem whatsoever journaling this page. It came naturally.

I think everyone has their own ideas about entertainment. For you it might be simply entertaining at your house. Or maybe you love going to the movies, the opera, or Broadway shows. I love all of those things, too, but concerts will always be my favorite. I have even been thinking about scrapping a few more pages on the entertainment topic because I have seen some Broadway shows and loved them. I may even scrap about shows I would love to see. That is another route you can take when scrapping, too. Maybe there is something you haven’t seen that you would like to see. I also have a desire to see “The Blue Man Group” and anything “Cirque du Soleil.” One day I will be able to say that I have done at least one of those.

I find that I get a ton of inspiration by going directly to the websites of the bands I love, the groups I want to see, or even the Broadway site. Here are some of my favorite websites that might help to get you inspired… … opera.html

As you can see, I love entertainment and I hope that in this you might find some inspiration.



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