Let Your Scrapbooking Be a Reflection of YOU

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #43… Extended

Funnily enough, this was the first layout I did for the 2012 LYM Memory Logbook time capsule. I thought it rather fitting that I start off with an introduction of sorts. And it’s not merely an introduction with basic stats but a small glimpse into my heritage and personality as well.

Grandmother's Photos - 1The way I see it, the people who will appreciate my scrapbooking the most are my grandchildren. I often look through my grandmother’s black and white photographs and more than anything I appreciate the little glimpses into her younger life. The stories she tells when we empty that box in her wardrobe are more fascinating than the pictures themselves. The stories she tells are ones I can relate to, and I get to embrace the traits and qualities she has passed down to me. And, as such, it’s these glimpses of my life I want my grandchildren to know about.

The thing to bear in mind, of course, is that I am privileged. Not many people have their grandmother around to share these memories. I have to be mindful of the reality that I may not get to spend evenings with my 30-something grandchildren and pass down all my memories. And that’s why I journal.

I want them to know all about me. I want them to know how my life has evolved from the scared five-year-old to the confident woman running a business with her husband. I want them to know about my shoe fettish and my love of bright colors. I want them to know about my heritage and how I feel about it. I want them to see us celebrating with, hopefully, the same traditions they practice. I want them to know about chaotic mornings and peaceful evenings.  I want them to know how proud I am of their mother despite how frustrating she can be. I suppose, I want them to know that she, too, was once their age. I want them to see a life lived as opposed to a sequence of celebrations or pretty good snapshots taken for no other reason than to use the latest scrapbooking product.

Grandmother's Photos - 2The journaling is not the only part of this layout that shows glimpses of me. Many of my layouts demonstrate my deep desire to be a perfectionist. Generally I follow all the basic design rules with a tendency to over-embellish. This one, however, is messy with a complete disregard for the rules. I used doodles instead of traditional embellies. I used paint splatters instead of mats. I tried the handwritten effect instead of using traditional alphas. I stepped out my comfort zone and embraced the real me. The effect was still pleasant on the eye and it lets the reader see a different side than what they normally see in my layouts. Big bonus –I  got to try my hand at a new technique and loved it. Now I’m not saying I’m going to change my style to artsy/freestyle. But I’m certainly going to include more imperfection on my layouts. I’ll probably pay more attention to the style of the products that I buy and I’ll be on the lookout for more empty fonts.

You see, while my primary focus is memory keeping, this is not the main reason I scrapbook. I could jot down notes at the back of photographs and still have a well-documented life. I do it almost entirely for myself. I do it how I want to do it, no rules, no pressure. I am a mom, a wife, an employee and I volunteer at a school. All of these facets of my life take constant effort to maintain and some don’t leave much room for error. Scrapbooking, or any other hobby, gives me the freedom to make mistakes and to experiment. I get to try new things without consequence. I get to play with pretty pixels and indulge my second favorite hobby – writing. And the bonus – I get to leave a legacy.



Chantal StoberI am a mom to Nikita, wife to Stephen,  project manager and volunteer teacher’s aid. I live in sunny South Africa. You can learn more about me at http://thehybridmess.wordpress.com




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