Memory Logbook Close-Up: Photo-A-Day Edition

As 2013 Memory Logbook Pre-Release Week continues, today we’ll take a closer look at another of the many versions available this year … the Photo-A-Day Edition!


Memory Logbook: Photo-A-Day Edition

Our new Photo-A-Day Edition was created especially for memorykeepers who strive to capture a photo for every day of the year, such as those taking part in Project 365 or other image-based projects. The entire year is covered in one 248-page book with a sturdy laminated cover in orange and reinforced tabbed dividers at the beginning of each month.

The print coil-bound edition (available for pre-order now), as well as our popular downloadable print-your-own PDF version (to be released October 31st), are both available in 8.5×11-inch (shown) and 5.5×8.5-inch sizes. Also new this year is our fillable PDF edition, which can be filled in on your computer using the free Adobe Reader program and then saved and/or printed.


The Photo-A-Day Edition includes several pages which are a familiar part of most of our 2013 Memory Logbooks, including the following:

  • 2013 At-A-Glance with Important Dates Page – A handy year-at-a-glance reference page with space to list the year’s important events and dates.
  • Story List – A full page of blank lines, preceded by empty check boxes, for keeping track of the stories you’d like to get documented during the year.
  • Photo List – A full page of blank lines, preceded by empty check boxes, for keeping track of the photos you’d like to capture during the year.
  • Monthly Check-Up – A full page of questions repeated each month to help you document changes over time.
  • Questionnaires – A variety of other questionnaires found at the back of the book which may be reproduced as needed, including Annual Check-Up, Today’s Prices, Birthday Memories, Holiday Wrap-Up, Celebration Re-Cap and Mission Accomplished.


A few of the pages which are NOT found in every book which help make the Photo-A-Day Edition special are…

Photo-A-Day Edition - Single Page Monthly Calendar

(Click on image for enlarged view.)

Monthly Calendar PagesA one-page spread for each month of the year for easy at-a-glance reference, planning & documentation. The date boxes accommodate tiny square photos and/or text, providing an easy way to compile mini versions of all of the month’s Project 365 photos in one place or just enough room to jot down special dates or tidbits of information.


Memory Logbook: Photo-A-Day Edition - Week-At-A-Glance

(Click on image for enlarged view.)

Weekly Calendar PagesOur two-page weekly spreads are the heart of the Photo-A-Day Edition, with a column for each day topped with a square box created especially for your daily photo … or even a miniature version of a layout if you’re brave enough to tackle a Layout-A-Day project! The lined columns provide enough space for a fair amount of daily journaling, scheduling information, brainstorming, or other notes. It’s also a handy place to jot down the stories & other information to go along with the image. A small set of lines numbered 1 to 5 is found at the bottom of each weekday, plus one for the weekend, providing a place to keep whatever lists are important to you at this phase in your everyday life.


Memory Logbook: Photo-A-Day Edition - Journaling & Sketch Pages

(Click on image for enlarged view.)

Journaling & Sketch PagesEach week ends with a full page of blank lines for more extended journaling, project planning, recipe collection or whatever use you might need, in addition to the same sketch page found in our Page-A-Day Edition. The inclusion of these two pages every week adds up to a huge amount of memorykeeping over a year’s time, making our Photo-A-Day Edition a great option for those who want to capture daily life without the pressure of filling a complete page every day of the year.


Is the Photo-A-Day Edition the one for YOU?  Pre-order the 5.5×8.5 edition HERE or the 8.5×11-inch edition HERE.

Coming Up Tomorrow … Memory Logbook Close-Up: Project Life Compatible Edition


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