Something to Jot About: Communication

Need some help getting the conversation started in your journal, on your scrapbook page … or even with your kids? Introducing Something to Jot About … a weekly list of 10 story starters on a timely topic! 

Let’s Talk About… Communication

Something to JOT about... conversation starters for your journal, scrapbook & daily life. • Do you feel you are a good communicator?
• What is your preferred mode of communication?
• Is there someone with whom you particularly enjoy communicating? Why that person?
• Are there times when you are not a good communicator?
• Have you done anything to improve your communication skills?
• What is the most difficult communication topic for you? Easiest?
• Do you generally address problems with direct communication or by other avenues?
• How does your communication style compare to that of your parents? Your children?
• Who is your communication role model?
• In what ways do you communicate non-verbally?

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