Saved From Shopping

Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #40… Extended

You know, when I was younger and single, I loved to shop… especially for fun stuff like shoes!! Now I am older, married, and a mother… most of my shopping trips are limited to grocery, dry cleaning, household items, diapers and other kid supplies.

I don’t know where the tipping point started where I much rather not shop… I’d rather not have to deal with the crowds, apathetic customer service, and the crazy drivers in the parking lot. So most of my shopping, I try to do on the internet… or I work it that I can go out really early to the grocery store when it’s not such a mad house.

Yet, there seems to be those one-offs that I realize that I need for dinner and the kiddo is sleeping… and that is where my savior, my personal assistant comes in… my hubby!! Oh, I know I’m such a lucky girl… he calls, emails, or texts before coming home from work asking if I need anything picked up.  I almost scream into the phone… “YES!!! I need eggs, milk, and apple juice for the kiddo!”

So when this prompt came up, I knew that I wanted to do a layout on my hubby… I know I don’t thank him enough for all that he does for me… I am quite spoiled by him.  I did write my journaling first before laying out the page, which is usually one of the last things I do when I scrap… I usually start with the photos first.  Once I had my journaling down, I went on a hunt for a photo of my hubby… we had just gone to a cook out and this was a photo of him on the deck, while I was looking out the window. The look on his face reminded me of those Discover Card commercials “Hello, my name is Peggy”…  it makes me chuckle every time I see this layout.

Do you love shopping? Have you shopping styles change through the years? Do you like shopping in a group or separate?


Rebecca KuchenbeckerI’m a 30-something digital and hybrid scrapper who lives in Wisconsin with my hubby and five-year-old son.  When I’m not documenting our lives through words and photos, I enjoy cooking and photography.



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