Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #38

Life’s Challenges: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #38

Time Capsule Ideas:

* headlines
* letter to the editor (your own or one that catches your attention)
* news articles
* requests for help


Super Star ~ Digital Layout by Kate Lewis

Super Star ~ Digital Layout by Kate Lewis

Get those creative juices flowing…

*  What national or community issues are currently affecting you on a personal level?
*  Do you read a daily newspaper? Watch the news? Follow national or international stories?
*  Where do you get your news?
*  Are you politically active? Do you vote?
*  Do you volunteer or otherwise support any local, national or international causes?
*  Have you ever written a letter to the editor? Wanted to? If you did, was it published? What was the issue involved?
*  Where do you stand on specific local, national or international issues of importance/interest to you?
*  Have your feelings about local, national or international issues changed over time?
*  Do you feel personally affected or interested in international issues? Which ones?


Documenting this part of your life now may help others…

* Learn more about how you relate to and are impacted by the world outside yourself.
* Gain a deeper understanding of why you believe and act the way you do.


Other ideas

*  Save a copy of a newspaper or news magazine on the same date each year, perhaps on a day that is personally meaningful to you in some way.
*  Create a current events album which includes your own perspective and stories related to issues bigger than yourself.




Additional 2012 Design Team sample layouts for Weekly Challenge #38 may be found in this week’s Challenge Galleryif you complete this challenge yourself, please consider posting your project in the gallery as well so others may be inspired by YOU!


Coming Thursday on the Time Capsule blog… additional inspiration to help you complete Weekly Challenge #38 from this week’s sample layout artist, Kate Lewis.

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