Time Capsule: Weekly Challenge #37

Life’s Challenges: WEEKLY CHALLENGE #37

Time Capsule Ideas:

* chore chart
* to do list
* bills
* bank statement


A Full Life ~ Digital Layout by Jaime Grove

A Full Life ~ Digital Layout by Jaime Grove

A closer look at the journaling…

“Our week days are so busy that our various appointments, school events and extracurricular activities often overlap. This year, Jason has to help shuttle the kids since they have to be in different places (across town!) at the same time. We have kids’ activities nearly every day and the days we don’t are spent trying to catch up on all of our chores. We are usually scrambling to get homework done before we have to leave for soccer, ballet or scouts and dinner is usually something thrown together quickly and is eaten right before bedtime. Because of Jason’s schedule the kids almost always have to accompany their sibling(s) to their various activities. Jason thinks we have too many activities and while I agree that it is a lot and can be complete chaos at times, I think it’s good for the kids to be able to explore their interests and to have the opportunity to play a team sport and be physically active. I don’t think it’s possible to have three kids and not feel overwhelmed. There are many days that I long for a break, a vacation, a day to sit and relax with nothing to do, but I try to keep things in perspective remembering that we are living a full life, but it’s also one that keeps us together most evenings (even if we’re not sitting around the kitchen table for dinner). While it is crazy at times, I would still rather have a full life than an empty one.”


Get those creative juices flowing…

* Who does what in your household in terms of daily chores, maintenance, bill paying, cooking, etc.?
* How much does finance-related stress impact your family’s lifestyle and choices?
*  Do you have an organized, planned approach to housekeeping and other daily management issues or is it more haphazard?
*  How does your daily stress level compare to that of your parents when they were your age?
*  Do you have a “honey do” list? Do the jobs get done?
*  What are your tricks and secrets for managing your daily to do’s and stresses?
* What remedies, activities or rituals help you deal with the challenges of daily life?


Documenting this part of your life now may help others…

* Get a feel for how you manage daily life and the challenges you face in today’s world.
* Learn about how you cope in times of stress.


Other ideas

* Create a how to guide or mini album for managing the challenges of daily life, for yourself or others.



Additional 2012 Design Team sample layouts for Weekly Challenge #37 may be found in this week’s Challenge Galleryif you complete this challenge yourself, please consider posting your project in the gallery as well so others may be inspired by YOU!


Coming Tuesday on the Time Capsule blog… additional inspiration to help you complete Weekly Challenge #37 from this week’s sample layout artist, Jaime Grove.

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